Can You Get Braces On Bottom Teeth Only?

Can You Get Braces On Bottom Teeth Only?

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Braces serve to correct dental misalignments or malocclusions. If it appears that only your bottom teeth are misaligned, you might wonder whether you can solely get braces for your bottom row of teeth. Perhaps you believe that doing so will allow you to correct a malocclusion while saving money and reducing the complexity of treatment.

Such an assumption is understandable. However, as the following guide will explain, getting braces on just one row of teeth may not be a wise idea.

Why Dentists & Orthodontists Don’t Recommend Only Getting Braces for the Bottom Row of Teeth

It may technically be possible to get braces for your bottom arch without getting them for the top. That said, most orthodontists and dental health professionals don’t recommend doing so. The following are key reasons why they discourage this practice:

Worsening Bite Issues

You might need braces if your bottom teeth are crowding. Braces can correct this by pushing the bottom teeth outward to straighten them.

However, as a result of doing so, braces may cause alignment issues between the top row of teeth and the bottom. Thus, if you only get braces for one row of teeth, you could actually find yourself with another alignment issue that you now need to correct.

Fixing Bite Issues

Getting braces for only one row of teeth can theoretically fix crowding, but it can’t fix existing bite issues. If there is already any degree of misalignment between your top arch and bottom arch, you need to get braces on both arches to bring them into proper alignment. If you don’t do so, a bite issue will persist and may even become worse.

Top Teeth Are Easier to See

Braces can guard against a range of health problems a patient might otherwise develop if they fail to address a malocclusion. For example, cleaning misaligned or crowding teeth can be difficult. Braces, therefore, help to facilitate better oral hygiene, which can improve overall oral health.

Braces can also yield cosmetic benefits. If improving the appearance of your smile is one of the reasons you’re getting braces, be aware that in daily life, a person’s top row of teeth is typically more visible than the bottom row. As such, if you wish to truly boost the look of your smile, it’s wise to strongly consider getting braces for both arches. 

Alternatives to Consider

Keep in mind that traditional metal and wire braces may not be the only option available to you. Ask your dentist about other options, such as Invisalign. With Invisalign treatment, you can correct a bite issue by wearing clear aligners that will be virtually invisible in your mouth. 

A dental health professional can discuss these topics with you in greater detail. Although there are rare instances when it may make sense to get braces on just one arch, usually, experts don’t recommend it. 

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