Understanding GentleWave: A Revolutionary Approach to Root Canal Treatment

Understanding GentleWave: A Revolutionary Approach to Root Canal Treatment

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A root canal is one of the most common dental procedures. It addresses the health of the tooth from the inside where the dental pulp resides. Root canal treatment can treat a tooth that is infected or at risk of infection due to decay or damage. 

GentleWave is a revolutionary approach to root canal treatment, providing a gentler option that can improve the root canal procedure in a variety of ways. If you have one or more teeth that need root canals, this technology could benefit you. 

How GentleWave Works 

The purpose of a root canal is to remove infected tissue as well as any uninfected dental pulp. The goal is to eliminate existing infection and prevent future infection. Gentlewave accomplishes this goal by flushing out the root canal with fluids that are acoustically manipulated to create a vortex. The rushing fluid clears out all of the dental pulp and any infected tissue in even the smallest areas of the root canal, thus eliminating the need for filing and scraping as traditional root canals require. 

GentleWave Technology vs Traditional Root Canal 

GentleWave technology offers many benefits over traditional root canal treatment: 

  • More comfortable. GentleWave provides a gentler approach to root canal treatment that is more comfortable for patients. 
  • Less invasive. With GentleWave technology less of the tooth material is removed so that the tooth remains stronger and more structurally sound. 
  • Better outcomes. GentleWave is associated with overall better outcomes for patients. More natural teeth are saved and remain healthy longer. 
  • Minimal downtime. Recovery is faster after a root canal performed with GentleWave due to the minimally invasive technique. 
  • More natural. The process of GentleWave is more natural than the traditional approach to root canal therapy. 
  • Shorter procedure. The entire root canal procedure takes less time with GentleWave and can often be completed in a single appointment. 

Are You a Good Candidate for GentleWave? 

If you have one or more teeth that need root canal treatment, you are likely a good candidate for the GentleWave approach. After a brief evaluation, we can make a recommendation for the best treatment option to save your tooth. 

Why Choose Bisson Dentistry? 

Bisson Dentistry uses the GentleWave approach to root canal therapy when it is in the best interest of the patient. Our goal is to provide the highest quality dental care that improves the patient experience in every possible way. The use of advanced technology is just one of the ways we strive to achieve this goal. 

To learn more, call 519-821-3561 or contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

Frequently Asked Questions About GentleWave 

Is GentleWave proven safe?

GentleWave has been proven safe and effective through numerous studies and has been cleared by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It has been used in dentistry since 2014 with overwhelming success and improved patient experiences. 

How long does a GentleWave root canal take?

A root canal performed with GentleWave technology may take an average of 40-70 minutes. This is comparable or even shorter in many cases than a traditional root canal procedure.