The Importance of Early Dental Care for Kids

Team Pediatric Dentistry

For a long time, people believed that baby teeth didn’t matter very much since they fall out eventually. As the saying goes, when you know better, you do better—and now we know that primary teeth are important! These teeth are crucial to your child's development, helping them speak clearly and eat the nutritious foods that their bodies need to grow big and strong. Baby teeth also hold space for the adult teeth to erupt when the time comes. Here's why early dental care for kids is important.

Early Preventive Care Means Fewer Dental Issues

Preventive care, along with good oral hygiene at home, is one of the most effective tools we have for reducing the risk of tooth decay and other dental problems in kids. Regular dental cleanings remove cavity-causing plaque and tartar deposits that brushing alone cannot clean, and polishing the teeth afterwards creates a smooth surface that makes it harder for new plaque deposits to form. During these appointments, your child's dentist will be able to identify dental caries in their earliest stages, when it's easier and less expensive to treat them.

When a child's teeth aren't properly cared for, substantial and costly restorative work may be required. Untreated tooth decay can cause pain, embarrassment, and serious oral health problems.

Regular Dental Visits Create Good Habits

Because children's early habits often last a lifetime, teaching them how to care for their teeth now will help them enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles. During your child's visits to our office, we will provide oral hygiene instruction so they can learn proper brushing and flossing practices.

When kids are used to going to the dentist every six months, it becomes routine—something they know they have to do on a regular basis to take care of themselves, similar to getting a haircut or going to the doctor for annual physicals. It also helps kids feel more comfortable with their dentist; children who know and trust their dentist see their visits as a positive experience, rather than something to be nervous about.

Frequent Visits Are Easier Visits

Building off of this last point, when kids see their dentist regularly, appointments tend to go more smoothly. Children who are familiar with our team and what we do during a dental cleaning usually have faster appointments and less discomfort.

Children who do not visit the dentist on a regular basis are often nervous about their appointments because they don’t know what to expect. They spend more time in the dentist’s chair because there’s more tartar and plaque to remove, and the likelihood of tooth decay is higher. This creates a negative association; these children may be fearful of their next visit, so their parents put it off. You can stop this cycle by making appointments every six months for dental cleanings and comprehensive oral evaluations. 

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