My Child Chipped a Tooth, Now What?

My Child Chipped a Tooth, Now What?

Team Pediatric Dentistry

Kids are busy risk-takers. Even when they are still unsteady on their feet, they can be found running around a lot. The result? A lot of falling, tumbling, roughhousing, and more. When they get a little older, playing sports and running around the playground can bring even greater opportunities for falls and the like. It’s not uncommon to see kids with bruises, scrapes, and scratches from all their fun – and, of course, chipped teeth aren’t uncommon either. 

As a parent, seeing your child’s chipped tooth can leave you in a panic and wondering what to do. Here’s what you need to know. 

Don’t Panic

Your kids feed off of your reaction – and the last thing you want to do is get them worked up when they have chipped a tooth. So, take a deep breath and contact your child’s dentist. You may not be dealing with an emergency, but your child’s tooth should definitely be seen by the dentist. 

Sometimes these situations can cause aches and pains while other times the child may not even realize that they chipped a tooth! Call the dentist anyway. Any time your child has a chipped tooth, it warrants a visit to the dentist. 

At Home Care for a Chipped Tooth

Your dentist may not be able to see your child right away, and this may leave you feeling helpless. Thankfully there are a few things you can do at home to help save your child’s tooth. 

Examine the Tooth

First, examine the tooth. You are looking for any small pieces or fragments in the gums, the lips, or the tongue. Just in case, have your child gently rinse their mouth with water to remove any pieces of the tooth that may still be in the mouth. Any large tooth fragments you find should be kept in a safe, moist place. When you go to the dental appointment, take them with you. 

Stop the Bleeding

If your child is bleeding, you will want to apply pressure with moist gauze. Doing this for a few minutes should help the bleeding subside. 

Reduce Swelling

Swelling may or may not occur after a chipped tooth, depending on the trauma to the area. To minimize the chance, gently place a cold washcloth or a wrapped ice pack on the cheek or the outside region where the chipped tooth is. Giving your child a popsicle can prove beneficial, too. 

Minimizing Pain

Your child very well may not feel pain or be bothered by the chipped tooth at all. However, if your child is complaining that their tooth hurts, children’s over-the-counter pain medication can usually offer relief.  

Visiting the Dentist

As we said, it is important to see your child’s dentist after chipping a tooth. The dentist will thoroughly examine the tooth and will come up with the best solution to save the natural tooth if possible. 

A few common treatments for chipped teeth involve composite fillings or dental crowns. In more extreme circumstances where the root is exposed, a root canal treatment may be required to maintain the structure of the tooth and reduce the chance of bigger issues down the road. 

Chipped Teeth at Bisson Dentistry

At Bisson Dentistry, we understand the importance of doing what we can to maintain natural teeth. When our young patients arrive at our office with chipped teeth, we take every step imaginable to restore their strength and functionality. 
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