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5 out of 5 stars based on 7 reviews.

Patient Review By Rachael C

I had a great first experience at Bisson Dentistry! All staff are friendly and professional. They work to make your experience as comfortable as possible!

- Rachael C

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Patient Review By julie g

After a prolonged time of challenges with a previous dentist, I finally feel I have regained my confidence and trust. From the initial phone call to the completion of my first procedure at Bisson Dentistry, which was a crown, I felt welcomed, sincerely listened to, professionally assessed and the procedure proficiently accomplished. I have, with the absolute assurance, booked further appointments to address many things I have put on hold due to lack of trust. I highly recommend this creative, confident, current dental office with comparable prices and stellar staff. Thank you so very much!

- julie g

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Patient Review By Mark B

I was in for regular cleaning and check up... all the staff were amazingly friendly and definitely remember you.. they were always smiling. also were extremely cautious when using sharp or high pressure cleaning devices and took the time to help you understand your mouth better.. excellent facility that was spotless. great job. I have already booked another check up for more cleaning.

- Mark B

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Patient Review By Gregory R

My experience? I wish everybody who goes to a dentist has experience like I had. I am an weathered veteran of dental chairs. I have experience from eastern Europe as well as from North America and up until now I could not say that any of my experiences was worth remembering or cherishing. Anissa you are the champion of the universe in accommodating patients like me. Patients who are apprehensive and simply scared. Thank you. I cant wait for my next appointment I will recommend Bisson Dentistry to anybody who will ask. Thank you again Anissa.

- Gregory R

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Patient Review By Kathryn V

Even though I wasn't even "officially" a patient, it was no problem to schedule me in when I had concerns regarding different teeth. My appointments were right on time and thorough. Besides being a beautiful office space, every room is spotlessly clean. All of staff, from reception to assistants to the dentist: every one made me feel reassured and at ease.

- Kathryn V

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Patient Review By Scott G

I broke my tooth and got a cap done. It was one of the best times at the dentist. They scanned my teeth with their laser scanner, didn't feel the freezing at all, had a back massage in the chair while I watched my movie, got the cap in the same day. Beautiful office, great staff. Would never go anywhere else.

- Scott G

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Patient Review By Missy F

I had a great visit, thanks so much!

- Missy F

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