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How to Ease The Pain of an Oral Burn

Posted on 10/15/2019 by Bisson Dentistry
How to Ease The Pain of an Oral BurnWe all know to be careful that we don't burn our skin. However, the skin isn't the only area of your body that could potentially suffer from a burn. Your mouth could also very easily get burnt. Let's say you're in a pizza place and your delicious pizza has finally been served.

You're so excited about eating it that you don't take a moment to check how hot the pizza is. You bite deep into it and you get your hard palate burnt. You could also get burnt when you sip extra hot coffee or when you eat especially hot food.

The thing about your mouth is that it can take a lot. It was built to take a lot of hard foods and chew them to a pulp and also to handle foods of different temperatures. However, the mouth also has lots of sensitive tissues that can easily get injured by intense foods. That's exactly what happens when you get an oral burn.

How to Avoid Dental Burns

In fact, the tissues in your mouth are even more sensitive to burns than many other kinds of soft tissues in your body. The same food that can easily burn your mouth might not even cause a mark if placed on your skin. That's why you have to be extra careful when eating foods and drinking drinks of different temperatures.

When to Seek Medical Assistance

Once you get an oral burn, your first priority should be to alleviate the pain in the interim before you come to our offices for medical assistance. Consider taking ice cubes or cold foods like ice cream to soothe the burn. You can even have sugarless gum.

Once that's done, don't hesitate and visit our offices so we can have a look at the burn and prescribe the right medication for you. Whatever you do, however, do not try to treat it yourself. Leave it to the professionals!







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