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How Can Hard Bristles Harm Your Teeth?

Posted on 9/15/2019 by Bisson Dentistry
How Can Hard Bristles Harm Your Teeth?Hard bristles are generally not recommended for brushing. You want to remove the plaque and bacteria from the middle of the teeth, as well as the top, undersides, and other areas of the teeth. When using and choosing a toothbrush, we recommend that you choose a softer bristled brush. This is due to the fact that this is easier on the teeth.

Knowing the reasons why a harder bristled brush is not recommended can help you choose the best toothbrush to brush your teeth with and provide the smile you need and want.

Why Soft Bristles are Better Than Hard Ones

Soft bristles are better for the teeth than hard ones because they easily move over the teeth and in between the teeth to remove the bacteria and plaque from the teeth. They do this without ruining the enamel on the outside of the teeth, or the teeth themselves.

Hard bristles can actually ruin and damage the outside of the tooth. When the enamel of the tooth is scraped down, this can cause a lot of problems in the mouth. You don't want this to happen because you will end up having to come into our office time and time again to fix a tooth that has broken down. The enamel is what protects the tooth. Without this protection, it can cause a lot of problems. Skip having to visit us all the time, take care of your teeth by using soft bristles.

Take the time to learn more about the brushing that can be done when you give our office a call. We can schedule a time to see you, provide an exam, or a cleaning with our professionals. Getting the best dental care is important for your smile and your health. Call us today so we can work with you on your oral hygiene and health.







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