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Is Pumpkin the Best Food for Oral Health?

Posted on 6/25/2019 by Bisson Dentistry
Is Pumpkin the Best Food for Oral Health?We are just going to come out and say it right now. We adore pumpkin. We don't care what time of the year it is. Pumpkin is good anytime, anywhere. Although a lot of people really enjoy pumpkin in the fall and winter, did you know it is also good for your dental health year round? Not sure what we mean? We have some surprising facts about pumpkin that make it a great superfood.

Why is Pumpkin So Great?

First, pumpkin is rich in iron. Iron helps to keep your gums and tongue healthy by improving circulation in your mouth. Iron also helps to prevent anemia, which means you will have plenty of healthy red blood cells to circulate through your mouth tissues. The more circulation you have, the healthier your mouth is.

Pumpkin also has a lot of magnesium. Did you know that if you eat one ounce of pumpkin seeds, you can get in 35% of your daily intake for magnesium? That's not a lot of seed for a whole lot of benefits. Magnesium is great for keeping your teeth and jaws strong and healthy, especially if you combine magnesium with calcium.

Vitamin A and Vitamin C are some of the most crucial vitamins when it comes to your dental health. Vitamin A one of the best vitamins for the health and maintenance of your gums. If you get a cup of pumpkin in a day, you will have received 200% of your daily requirement. Vitamin C helps to fight off any infections or inflammations in your gums, which is good, because infections or inflammations are one of the leading problems with gum disease and tooth decay.

If you have questions about the benefits of pumpkin, or how best to support your oral health through nutrition, why not give us a call? We would love to talk with you about eating right for the sake of your dental health!








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