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Chewing Should Not Be a Painful Process

Posted on 2/25/2019 by Bisson Dentistry
Chewing Should Not Be a Painful ProcessChewing is something that human beings do every day. In fact, we love to chew, because it means that we are getting nutrients down in our bodies, where they are needed most.

However, for some people, chewing is not fun- it is torture. And it should not be. If you are having trouble chewing, keep reading, because you may find that the problem is easy to fix.

Why Chewing is Painful

Chewing can be painful for many reasons. First, you may find chewing to be painful if you have a cavity, especially on one of your teeth that are responsible for tearing into things (like your canines) or grinding up things (like your molars). If this is the case, the problem is easily fixed by a visit to a dentist and a repair of the cavity. In no time, you will be pain free again.

Your problem might also be caused by clenching or grinding your teeth. A lot of people clench or grind their teeth, especially at night. This can lead to an aching jaw, and cracked or broken teeth, as well as headaches and facial pain. Luckily, a dentist can fit you with an appliance to help you with clenching or grinding teeth, which will greatly reduce your tooth pain.

You also may have a painful bite due to an inflammation of the mouth joint. This problem, called TMJ, makes it difficult to open your mouth to chew. In fact, when the joint gets inflamed, you may find it extremely painful to chew, or talk. Luckily, a dentist can make recommendations for treatment for TMJ to lessen the pain.

If you are having problems with chewing, why not give us a call? We may be able to help with your tooth problems, painful chewing, and other dental issues. We'd love to make an appointment with you to discuss them. Give us a call today.







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