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Can Light Colored Beverages Help You Avoid Dental Stains?

Posted on 2/15/2019 by Bisson Dentistry
Can Light Colored Beverages Help You Avoid Dental Stains?It is well known that coffee, tea, and soda stains teeth yellow. However, many people want to know if drinking different beverages helps keep teeth from staining.

The answer is – possibly. We have some recommendations for foods that will not stain your teeth, as well as beverages that help keep teeth whiter. Not sure how to keep your teeth whiter? Keep reading for our tips on beverages.

Lighter Doesn't Always Mean Brighter
While drinking coffee and tea may stain your teeth, there are other foods that may stain your teeth as well, even though they are lighter in color, for the same reasons that darker beverages stain your teeth. Teeth have enamel that contains microscopic pits and ridges on the surface of every tooth.

If you enjoy eating brightly colored foods (such as lollipops or popsicles) be aware that the food coloring can stain your teeth. Also, drinks—even lightly colored drinks—can stain your teeth because of the sugar content. One beverage that might actually make stains less noticeable? Apple juice.

What to Do
While light colored beverages do not help you avoid teeth staining, especially if you drink sugary drinks, there are steps you can take to ensure whiter teeth. First, we want you to keep brushing and flossing your teeth every day to maintain clean teeth. Second, visit us for regular checkups, as we can be sure your teeth are professionally cleaned.

Third, you may want to consider having a professional whitening treatment, to rid your teeth of stains that are creating a yellowish look to your smile. Professional whitening treatments are a painless and easy way to whiten your teeth quickly if they have become stained or yellowed through eating or drinking.

With a little care and some professional cleaning, your smile can be your best feature. Call us to schedule an appointment.







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