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Why You Can't Just Deal With A Slightly Broken Tooth

Posted on 12/25/2018 by Bisson Dentistry
Why You Can't Just Deal With A Slightly Broken ToothTeeth can break for a variety of reasons, including biting down on something too hard, chewing on your fingernails, or even a sports injury. While many people may think that a broken tooth is a cosmetic issue, and their biggest concern is fixing the appearance of a chipped or cracked tooth, breaking a tooth is actually a much bigger concern than that. Over time, if left untreated, a broken tooth can lead to even worse problems.

Why You Should Call Us Right Away if You Break a Tooth

The enamel in your mouth is the strongest natural material in your body, but even that is vulnerable to breakage. Whether you were playing sports and got hit in the face, or you crunched down on some food and felt the crack, a broken tooth can be either completely painless or severely sore.
Signs that you have a broken tooth include:

•  A throbbing pain at the injury site
•  Heat and cold sensitivity
•  Pain when chewing and eating
•  Visible missing portions of your tooth

If you've broken your tooth, start by rising your mouth with warm salt water. If there's blood present, you can place gauze over the site. You can also place a small amount of dental wax (or even a bit of sugar-free gum) over the jagged edge to prevent it from cutting your lips, cheek, or tongue. Then you must call us right away.

A broken tooth can do more damage than simply slicing your mouth up with its sharp edges. If the enamel breaks, your dentin can become exposed to your oral bacteria. If this happens, we'll most likely have to perform a root canal on the broken tooth. If left untreated, this can lead to an infection, abscess, tooth decay, gum disease, and the loss of your tooth.

If you broke your tooth, don't delay in calling us right away. The skilled staff here at our office can quickly start you on treatment for your broken tooth, not only protecting you from an unwelcome barrage of pain and misery from your injury, but also successfully saving your beautiful smile!







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