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Which Types Of Over the Counter Mouth Guards Work Best?

Posted on 12/15/2018 by Bisson Dentistry
Which Types Of Over the Counter Mouth Guards Work Best?Whether you grind your teeth at night or simply need to protect your smile while you play sports, a mouth guard is a wise investment. However, not all mouth guards are created equally. Read on to learn which might be the best option for your mouth.

Stock vs. Boil and Bite Mouth Guards

When it comes to over the counter mouth guards, there are two major options: stock and boil and bite. A stock mouth guard comes ready to wear, and they are fairly inexpensive. Found in just about any sporting goods store, these mouth guards are pre-made and are intended to fit any mouth. Unfortunately, this means that you can't adjust the bite, so they may feel uncomfortable in your mouth. Others may include issues with breathing and failure to properly protect your teeth.

Boil and bite mouth guards are a little more reliable, as they offer a better fit. Made out of thermoplastic material, you'll place the guard into hot water to soften it, and then you'll put it in your mouth. By biting down, the mouth guard will shape to your teeth. After it cools and hardens, you'll have a mouth guard that fits the specifications of your mouth.

Consider a Custom-Fitted Mouth Guard

A custom-fitted mouth guard is the best option for your teeth. These mouth guards are individually designed and are constructed in a dental lab based on the exact specifications of your mouth. They are durable and offer the best protection and comfort for your mouth. While they tend to be more expensive than over the counter options, they are long-lasting and a good investment for your oral health.

If you are interested in a custom-fitted mouth guard or need help choosing an over the counter option, please give our office a call to learn more.







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