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Root Canals Are Safer Than Extractions in Nearly All Cases

Posted on 8/20/2018 by Bisson Dentistry
Root Canals Are Safer Than Extractions in Nearly All CasesThere are many myths regarding root canals and they are one of the most dreaded and feared dental procedures. Endodontic therapy, which is the technical term for a root canal, is one of the most understood procedures and also the most common.

Today, we're going to discuss why root canals are safer than extractions and ease some of the fear you may be experiencing.

Is A Root Canal Safe?

A root canal is the procedure performed by one of our skilled dentists which involves the removal of the pulp of a dead, decaying or badly damaged tooth. The entire tooth is then filled and sealed. This procedure can almost always be done in one visit in our office and does not require surgery.

It's no more uncomfortable than receiving a filling in a cavity. When you have a root canal, you reduce your chance of infection. They don't cause infections, quite the opposite; it's removing the infection that has invaded your tooth.

While we do perform many root canals, we still have a lot of patients who ask us to simply extract the tooth instead. Sometimes, extractions are a part of our dentistry practice, but generally speaking, we like to help you do everything you can to save your tooth or teeth.

What Happens During Extraction?

Extracting a tooth is actually a pretty complex and intensive surgical procedure. It's a lot more than picking the tooth to pull and removing it. There is a good amount of skill used to make sure that your teeth, gums and jaw aren't negatively affected by an extraction.

After the procedure, things can get a little tricky. An extraction leaves a wound in your mouth, which can easily become infected with oral bacteria. This doesn't simply mean that your mouth will have an infection, the bacteria can travel throughout your body and this is dangerous.

Please give our office a call if you suspect that you have some decay and may have a tooth that needs attending to. We are happy to look at all of the options with you and get you back on the path to great oral health!







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