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How Teeth Change as we Age
Posted on 4/23/2018 by Bisson Dentistry
Our bodies change as we age so it should come as no surprise that our teeth also change. There are several ways this happens - many of which we don't even think about. Ways Your Teeth Change as you Grow Older You wear your teeth down because you chew food daily. These foods will also cause your teeth to grow discolored. This is especially true when, as the teeth's enamel wears away, exposing your dentin which is naturally yellow in color. Things like smoking and drinking will also increase the risk of this happening faster. Obviously, you'll want to stop smoking as soon as possible as your teeth aren't the only thing at risk here - your overall health is also at risk. Taking long-term maintenance medications (e.g. high blood pressure, heart disease, chemotherapy) can wreak havoc on your teeth. This is because they make your mouth dry and you need saliva to prevent tooth decay. Make sure that if you're on any of these medications you drink plenty of water, so you don't have a dry mouth. Your gums also endure a lot of wear and tear. Of course, bone and muscle loss are also natural parts of aging. When the gum recession is severe, your teeth can grow so loose that they may fall out. The nerves in your teeth also grow smaller as you age, making your teeth less sensitive. When this happens, you're less likely to feel tooth decay and cavities. Let our office help you take better care of your teeth so they can age with you instead of aging you. Receiving regular dental checkups and professional cleanings are necessary at any age, but they grow even more important as you grow older. Since you're less likely to feel problems developing you'll want us to check your teeth more frequently so we can catch and treat any issues right away....

How Often do you Need to Replace Your Toothbrush Head
Posted on 4/13/2018 by Bisson Dentistry
Brushing your teeth plays an important role in maintaining a healthy smile. This is something that most people know and understand today. However, one thing that often gets overlooked is the toothbrush itself. Many people simply walk in their bathroom and use the same toothbrush day after day. They don't think about changing their toothbrush, let alone when to do so. We have some recommendations here that you shouldn't ignore though. How Often do you Need to Replace Your Toothbrush Head The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you change your toothbrush every three or four months. This is true regardless of whether you're using a manual or an electric toothbrush. When you're sick, you should also change your toothbrush after you're healthy again. This is important because the flu virus, staph bacteria, E. coli, yeast fungus, and the strep virus hang out on used toothbrushes. You can get sick from continuing to use a germy toothbrush because their bristles don't kill the bacteria that's in your mouth, protect you against disease, or prevent you from getting sick. Another time you'll want to change your toothbrush sooner is if the bristles grow frayed. This is because frayed bristles will lose their effectiveness. Changing your toothbrush at any of these times isn't a waste of money. Clinical research shows that new toothbrushes remove more plaque than old, worn out toothbrushes. This means that a new toothbrush is more effective in helping you keep your teeth clean and healthy. It's also a matter of good hygiene, regardless of what type of toothbrush you're using. When you have a question about your toothbrush, make sure you ask us when you come in for your routine checkup. We understand that this can be confusing until you get into a routine. Let us help clear things up for you....

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