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Do You Have Good Oral Health Goals?
Posted on 4/15/2019 by Bisson Dentistry
Do you have a goal to improve your health in the coming year? If so, don't forget about your teeth and gums. Setting some good oral health goals can keep you on the right track. Brush Twice Per Day The American Dental Association recommends brushing at least twice per day in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Some people find it difficult to get two brushing sessions in per day, brushing in the morning, but skipping out on a nighttime brush session. If you want to improve your dental hygiene, make a goal to brush at least twice per day. Floss Regularly Flossing is an important step to protect your mouth from cavities and gum disease. Flossing removes bacteria, food particles, and plaque from between the teeth where a toothbrush cannot reach. It is never too late to start flossing, so make a goal to floss at least once per day from here on out. Brighten Your Smile Do you want your smile to look beautiful as well as remaining healthy? If so, make a whiter smile one of your dental goals. You can take steps on your own by reducing the amount of staining foods and beverages that you consume. Whitening toothpaste and at-home remedies are available, and we also offer professional whitening services. Keep Up with Your Dental Checkups In most cases, we'll recommend that you come in for cleanings and checkups once every six months. This falls in line with standards put in place by the American Dental Association. These appointments are important, as they allow us to detect issues when they are in their earliest, most treatable stages. Regular cleanings also help to keep your teeth free of plaque and tartar. Why don't you get started on your dental goals today? Give us a call to set up your next appointment....

Symptoms That Your Tooth Fractured
Posted on 3/25/2019 by Bisson Dentistry
You're happily eating dinner and that's when you feel it: the sudden crrrunnnch followed by the unpleasant texture of a broken tooth in your mouth. Even though you may have been careful and weren't even eating hard foods, a tooth can break unexpectedly if it has already been weakened or compromised. Sometimes the sign of a fractured or cracked tooth can be more subtle, and it may be difficult to tell. If you have any of these signs or symptoms, then there's a good chance that you have a fractured tooth. Clues That I Have a Broken Tooth A broken tooth is often painful, but sometimes the symptoms of one aren't always obvious. While it would be pretty clear if you were holding a segment of fractured tooth in the palm of your hand, these other signs can also be an indicator of a fractured tooth: A broken tooth hurts because it exposes the network of nerves inside the tooth, in an area called the "pulp". Normally, the enamel protects the pulp, but when it breaks, the nerves in the pulp are suddenly vulnerable to hot, cold, or any other stimulus. If your tooth breaks, it's important to give us a call right away to take a look at it and determine how severe the damage is. If it's a smaller fracture, we may be able to fix it quickly with some filling, but a more severe break may require more intensive treatment. These treatments include a root canal, a crown, or even an extraction. A broken tooth is not something you want to ignore. If left untreated, it could get worse, and an infection might set in. The sooner you treat a broken tooth, the better the outcome will be for you. If you suspect that you have a broken tooth, please give us a call right away for an appointment and we can help you treat it both quickly and gently!...

How Coconut Water Helps Your Body More Than Sports Drinks Can
Posted on 3/15/2019 by Bisson Dentistry
You've been upping your game by working out. We salute you for taking a proactive step towards a healthier you! However, when you go after that sports drink, you are undoing some of the good you have done- not only for your body but for your mouth as well. Not sure what we're talking about? Here are some reasons why coconut water can be better for your body than sports drinks. Coconut Water as a Sports Drink According to research, coconut water, because it doesn't contain artificial preservatives and sugar, is better for your body than other sports drinks. Coconut water helps you to rehydrate your body and restore electrolytes lost during exercise. You can also use coconut water to help you hydrate before a workout as well, so that you need less time to recover from your workouts. One of the reasons coconut water is such a great sports drink is because it is a great source of electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals and salts your body needs in order to stay healthy, and they are the first things you lose when you sweat during exercise. You must replace them, or you end up feeling tired and weak after exercise. The most important electrolytes your body has to replace are calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium. Did you know that one cup of coconut water contains as much potassium as a banana? If you are able to drink coconut water after a workout, you will feel less tired, and you will help to guard against cramping. We feel we have to put in a word here- because coconut water does not have added sugar or artificial flavors or colors, it is far better for your dental health than a sports drink is. If there is one thing that bacteria love- it is additional sugar in your mouth. Not sure how to keep your mouth healthy while you are working out? Let us help answer your questions. Give us a call and let us schedule an appointment for you to talk about your dental health....

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